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Just two years after I created my personal profile on Facebook, my published cases have elicited an impressive response, and I have received messages of gratitude and congratulations from all over the world. But at the same time, I caused a lively discussion in the Facebook groups that I was in, because of the lack of scientific support in the procedures by which I got these exceptional results. I was even “banned” by a couple of groups on Facebook in the dental sphere. So, to avoid unnecessary discussion, but above all to bring together all colleagues who share my ideals, on May 22, 2018, as the only administrator I decided to create a Facebook Group that could be a meeting place for colleagues from around the world who worked with principles like mine.


With the creation of the group, Facebook began to experience a dizzying growth in subscribers and content, and this pushed me to move on. I had a logo made, and a T-shirt made to describe us, that many members of the band proudly began to ask me. The amount of content published increased every day, and just over a year later, I decided to hold a monthly contest and give out T-shirts every month for the most meaningful case of HeartGuide of the month. I immediately realized that these winning cases need to have the right visibility, and to do so they had to leave the group (not open to the public). So I also decided to open a page on Facebook, where, among other things, I started publishing the winning cases every month. It was January 09, 2020, and contrary to what usually happens, the Facebook page was born after the group.


After the second year of presence in social networks “visions” HeartGuideDentistry I remained displeased with one aspect. Facebook groups and pages allow instant sharing of our knowledge, but soon they are forgotten in the storyboard of the home page, which makes it difficult to find certain content, especially if it has no related text such as videos. In fact, the Group and Page began to contain clinical videos of very high quality, which in my opinion Facebook did not lend due visibility because of its internal structure. It was August 8, 2020, and thus the YouTube channel was born, as a “place” where any member of the Facebook group can request to be able to insert their contents which, if they comply with our Mission, are accepted and posted.


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‚ÄúSocial media, like all media, are like a mirror if you use them, then look at the result you get and you will see yourself”