Dr. Roberto Duraccio

I have always been inspired by ethical principles of respect for people according to an integrated approach that contemplates the person as a psycho-biological unit. I have pursued care concepts that have led people to heal as a whole according to an Oral Medicine with a human face!!!!


Dr. Roberto Duraccio

  • Doctor Roberto Duraccio was born in Ottaviano (NA), in July 1995 he graduated with honors  in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, obtaining the dignity of the press for the thesis and the  special mention of the commission, he qualified to practice in the second session of the same  year with the top marks. 

    After graduating, he attended the Oral medicine department of the University of Naples  Federico II, carrying out clinical, teaching and scientific research activities. In the academic  year 1996/97 he obtained a university specialization in “Pathology of the Oral Mucosa”.  During the specialization course he deals with the diagnosis and pharmacological treatment  of granulomatous and vesicular erosive diseases of the oral cavity and the prevention of oral  cancer. 

    Specialist in Oral Surgery at the University of Chieti (G.D’Annunzio). 

    In 1997 he joined the Italian Society of Periodontology (SidP) starting a professional, clinical scientific path concerning the regenerative surgery of the hard and soft tissues of the oral  cavity, which to this day is still evolving. 

    He attended theoretical-practical specialization courses: in Periodontology with Prof.  Massimo de Santis (1997), in Fixed Prosthetics on natural teeth and on implants with Dr.  Samuele Valerio (1997), in Aesthetic Muco-gingival Microsurgery with Prof. C. Shnehc (1998),  in Implantology with Prof Giano Ricci (1998), in Implantology and Implant Prosthetics with  Prof A. Carrassi (1999). 

    In 2000 he attended the annual Master in Periodontology and Advanced Implantology held  by profs. Pierpaolo Cortellini, Massimo de Santis, Mauro Merli, Mariano Sanz, Maurizio  Tonetti, Edwin Winkel and Giovanni Zucchelli. 

    In 2019 he obtained the II level Master’s degree in Implantology and Implant Prosthetics at  the University of Siena.

    Over the years, he has carried out an intense clinical activity in Oral Medicine and Pathology,  particularly with regard to vesiculo-erosive and oncological pathologies of the oral cavity. 

    In 2019, 2020 and 2021 he is Tutor and Teacher of surgical techniques at the Level II Master  in implantology and implant prosthesis at the University of Siena. In 2021 he is a professor at  the Master of Surgery and Implantology at the University of Chieti. In 2022/2023/2024  lecturer at the Postgraduate in Surgery, Periodontology and Implantology at the Catholic  University of Sant’Antonio della Murcia (UCAM). 

    Academic Director Two-year Master’s Degree 2025/2026 in Oral Medicine Postgraduate in  Dentistry Catholic University of Sant’Antonio della Murcia 

    Lecturer at the Master of Conometric Implantology at the Unicamillus in Rome Past President of the Italian Society of Dental Sciences 

    In 2022/2023 Director of the Master in Oral Medicine in collaboration with the National  Society of Italian Dentistry (SNOI) – Palermo. 

    Author of several scientific publications and participation in national and international  conferences and conferences. He deals with Pathology and Oral Medicine. 

    Inspired by ethical principles of respect for people according to an integrated approach that  contemplates the person as a psycho-biological unit, he has pursued treatment concepts that  have brought very encouraging results, particularly in the field of Oral Medicine. 

    He currently works as a freelancer in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, mainly dealing with Oral  Medicine and Pathology, Regenerative Surgery, Implantology and Periodontology.