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The course will illustrate in detail how to transform the extracted autologous tooth into particulate to be used in regenerative surgery with OSTEOINDUCTIVE as well as osteoconductive capabilities. All the scientific foundations, the in vitro and in vivo tests that led Prof. Minetti to the creation of the Tooth Transformer will be illustrated, as well as specifying in detail how to preserve the extracted teeth and all the phases of the subsequent transformation. Many clinical cases with follow up from 1 to 6 years illustrated with high resolution surgical photos and videos will lead the trainee to learn all the possibilities of using this method. Aspects of a commercial nature and comparison with other devices for the transformation of the tooth into graft particulate present on the market will also be addressed, followed by the practical demonstration of the production of the particulate starting from an extracted tooth. The participant will be able to actively intervene with questions throughout the course, receiving the answer directly from the speaker.


  • Biological and scientific basis of the use of the tooth as graft particulate
  • The scientific basis of the device: from Urist’s studies in 1965 to Prof. Minetti in 2013
    • The objectives to be achieved
    • 2014/2015 The in vitro tests of the University of Milan
    • 2015 In vivo tests on animals
    • 2016 First clinical case on humans (clinical and histological result) with 5-year follow-up
  • First personal clinical case with the video showing the entire step-by-step procedure
  • Tooth sectioning and cleaning procedures before treatment
  • Complete clinical cases:
    • Socket Preservation at 2 and 1 wall with histology at 4 months and comparison with histology of bovine xenograft at 8 years
    • Socket Preservation with the use of the polyethylene barrier to optimize results (clinical and histological results)
    • Post-extractive 4 walls in the anterior area (two procedures compared)
    • Post extraction in posterior areas (classic procedure or combined with the Magnetic Mallet)
    • Crestal lifts (classic procedure or combined with the Magnetic Mallet)
    • GBR with membrane in the anterior area (clinical and histological result)
    • Regeneration with mixed graft: bovine tooth / xenograft (clinical and histological result)
    • Preservation of teeth after extraction and their future use
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  • Comparison of the Tooth Transformer with other equipment that uses the tooth as a graft material
  • Commercial aspects: how much does it really cost to introduce the Tooth Tansformer in the studio?
  • Special clinical cases:
    • Crestal volume maintenance for non-implant purposes
    • The Tooth Transformer in endodontic surgery
    • The Tooth Transformer in autotransplants
  • Practical demonstration of dental particulate production with the Tooth Transformer


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