002 – TOOTH TRANSFORMER & MAGNETIC MALLET – Theoretical and Practical Active Webinar

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The two technological innovations that have completely changed dental surgery in recent years are finally together. The course will illustrate the biological principles that underlie the transformation of the tooth into osteoinductive particulate and the physical principles that led to the invention patent of the Magnetodynamic technology and then immerse yourself for a whole day in clinical cases illustrated with photos and films under the microscope in HD. It will be shown how to solve cases using the two technologies individually and then move on to cases where the two devices are used in synergy to obtain the maximum result that we can provide to our patients today. We will conclude with a practical test on an animal model in which the production of the dentine particulate and its use, the creation of implant sites, the osteocondensation and the split crest performed with the Magneti Mallet will be shown live. The participant will be able to actively intervene with questions throughout the course, receiving the answer directly from the speaker.


· First Theoretical Part: the scientific principles of the Tooth Transformer and clinical cases with single use photos and videos

· Second Theoretical Part: the scientific principles of the Magnetic Mallet and clinical cases with single use photos and videos

· Third Theoretical Part: clinical cases with photos and videos with combined use of the Tooth Transformer and the Magnetic Mallet

· Practical Part: Production of dental particulate with osteoinductive capacity and creation using the Magnetic mallet on an animal preparation of an osteotomy with implant insertion and of a split crest with implant insertion and filling of the lateral gaps with dental particles.

Final practical exercise that can be performed with the Magnetic Mallet complete with all its inserts that you will receive 3 days before at the shipping address that you will specify when purchasing the course, FREE and with no purchase commitment, you can keep it for a week later the course in order to immediately put into practice what has been learned.

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