L003 – DENTISTRY LASER 360 – Active Theoretical and Practical Webinar


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  • Title: DENTISTRY LASER 360°
  • Type: ON-LINE


Many years ago Diode Laser entered the dentistry world badly because it was a cumbersome, very expensive device and was used for very few things. In this way, a sort of preconception about the use of lasers was created (fairly) that still influences many colleagues today. In 15 years I have been able to verify the groundlessness of these preconceptions and I have understood that using diode laser is fundamental in all branches of dentistry: Conservative, Prosthetics, Endodontics, Surgery (mucogingival, frenulum removal, fibroids and salivary stones) and Implantology like a turbine or any other instrument you daily use. I created this theoretical course in Laser Assisted Dentistry to demonstrate how your everyday dentistry can take an unimaginable step forward by how using Diode Laser.


Introducing the Diode Laser: The Wiser

Through images and Full HD videos under the microscope, numerous clinical cases will be shown solved with the assistance of Diode Laser in the following branches:

  • Minor Surgery: Excision of frenula and fibroma
  • Conservative: Management of very deep class II cavities without using clinical crown lengthening
  • Endodontics: Vitrification of dentin, Pulp capping, Irrigant activation
  • Mucogingival Surgery: The L.A.G.G. (Laser Assisted Gum Graft)
  • Fixed Prosthetics: Complete protocol from preparation to cementation in vertical and horizontal preparations
  • Surgery: Submandibular gland calculus removal
  • Peri-implantitis: Minimally invasive resolution with PLUSER Erbium laser

Final practical exercise that can be performed with your Laser or (only for 10 members) with Doctor Smile Wiser, which you will receive 3 days before at your address, FREE of charge and without any obligation to purchase, you can keep it for a week after the course to put immediately in practice what I learned. If you wish to receive the Wiser, you can specify it when registering, by entering the term “wiser” in the “additional notes” field in the order phase and specifying the shipping address.

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