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It is dentist’s responsability to restore mandible position in relation to skull in prosthetic rehabilitation, orthodontic treatments or for the resolution of muscle and joint problems. Too often this delicate task is carried out with very complex procedures and not really physiological and sophisticated equipment; other times the task is left to empirical procedures based simply on aesthetic and phonetic canons. Kinesiology applied to diagnosis allows through the gamma-tonic circuit test (Mix Test) a direct “dialogue” with the patient’s neuro-muscular system. This allows to obtain all necessary information for a physiological mandibular positioning for each individual patient treated.

Course program:

VENUE: La Tenuta di Rocca Bruna in Villa Adriana

  • 9:00 11.30 Introduction to Kinesiology Applied to diagnosis
      • What is the Physiological Position that the Mandible (PMF) must have with respect to the Skull in maximum intercuspidation?
      • What is Kinesiology (Movement Science) and when is it born
      • What are the scientific bases
      • Muscle with functioning Gammatonic system: “Strong” Muscle (MF)
      • The theory of the Three-Dimensional Occlusal Proprioceptive Range R.P.T.O.
      • PRACTICE ON TABLE WITH TUTOR (search for a “strong” muscle)
  • 11:30 11.45 Coffee Break
  • 11:45 13.30 The Birth of Kinesiology Applied to diagnosis (diagnostic method)
      • Application of Kinesiology in Dentistry for the research of PMF
      • The “Strong Muscle” becomes “Strong Indicator Muscle”
      • Which muscles to use for diagnosis in dentistry
      • PRACTICAL EXERCISE ON TABLE WITH TUTOR (tensor fascia lata, quadriceps and hip flexors)
  • 13:30 14.15 Light Lunch
  • 14.15 16.45 Calculation of the Physiological Mandibular Position in Centric Occlusion (ex D.V.T.)
      • The Biological Tolerance Range
      • The Meersemann TestOrigin of the pathological muscle chains starting from the musculature of the stomatognathic system (former Descendants) and their immediate reset
      • The Terapy Localization: use of the muscle with a non-functioning Gammatonic circuit by induction
      • PRACTICAL EXERCISE ON BED WITH TUTOR (measurement of the R.P.T.O. To a participant)
  • 16:45 18.00 Laboratory procedures and explanatory clinical cases
      • Laboratory procedures
      • The repositioning splint and the release splint (construction differences, when one and when the other?)
      • What to do after plate rehabilitation?) (Orthodontics prosthesis or?)
      • Conclusion and final questions
  • 18:00 18.30 Addendum to the course (optional) Clinical Evidence of the Target Muscle for Maxillary Noxes (former Neurological Tooth)
        • The sensitive projection of the dental arches into the reticular substance
        • 2 Outstanding Clinical Cases

VENUE: Ambulatorio Odontoiatrico SmiLife in Villa Adriana

  • 9:00 11.00 Calculation of the P.M.F. and its detection on the patient
  • 11:00 11.20 Coffee Breack
  • 11:20 13.30 Application of a Release or Reposition Plate on the Patient
  • 13:30 14.00 Final Questions and Conclusions


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