005 – ACTIVE MALLET – Theoretical and Practical Active Webinar

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From the basic principles that led to the Magnetic invention
patent Mallet up to the application of this equipment for the simplification and speeding up of protocols
of: Extractions, Sinus Lift, Implant Insertion, Split Crest, Osseodensification and Bone
Modeling. Clinical cases with detailed Surgical Images and Videos will illustrate all possible applications
of the Magnetic Mallet which will be followed by a workshop on an animal model to touch all the possibilities firsthand
offers by applying them to the usual surgical protocols. Each participant will receive a few days before the course
the Magnetic Mallet and all its accessories so that you can actively participate in the final practical part.
You will also be able to keep the device for a week after the course so that you can immediately transfer it to the
daily clinic what has been learned in the course.


  • What is the Magnetic Mallet? The physical and mathematical principles of the invention patent of the magneto-dynamic technology applied to oral and implant surgery
  • Introduction to the use of the equipment and its inserts
  • Presentation of clinical cases through photos and videos in Full HD for the illustration of the surgical protocols for:
    • Simple and complex extractions
    • The Crown Remover: Use the Magnetic Mallet for removing crowns and bridges
    • Simple and post-extraction implant site preparation
    • Expansion and modeling of the bone crest
    • Crestal Sinus Lift: Use of the Magnet Mallet to make the procedure simple and predictable
    • Split Crest simple and in combination with the sinus lift via the crest
    • Use of the Tooth Transformer for the improvement of all interventions performed with the Magnetic Mallet
    • Use of the Magnetic Mallet for extractions in case of dental reimplantation
  • Workshop on animal model with use of the device for the split crest and implant insertion.

Final practical exercise that can be performed with the Magnetic Mallet set complete with all its inserts that you will receive 3 days before at the shipping address that you will specify when purchasing the course, FREE and with no purchase commitment, you can keep it for a week later the course in order to immediately put into practice what has been learned.

For any further clarification please contact us at: amministrazione@heartguidedentistry.com

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