Dr. Paolo Savadori

As long as I remember, I wanted to know how things work, what lies behind what seems to be a simple phenomenon, in short, I always wanted to pull the string of the “why”. Later on I got interested in photography: a way to tell from an image. So what could I become? Histologist! That way I would be able to tell in an image, why and how science works.



  • Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology at the University of Trieste
  • Master degree in industrial biotechnology – genomic medicine at the University of Milan – Bicocca
  • PhD in oral sciences at the State University of Milan
  • Telethon researcher on muscular dystrophies at the neurological institute C. Besta of Milan.
  • Head of the research histology service at the R. Galeazzi orthopedic institute in Milan

Author of numerous publications in the biological, microbiological and other fields.