Our Team

A group of professionals who work in different fields of dentistry and who are united with the HeartGuide Dentistry MISSION!

Dr. Mauro Libertucci
Dr. Mauro LibertucciAdministrator and 360° Dentist
Never satisfied with theories, I always searched for the truth, rhrough observation and intuition. I put I put biology before bibliography, as the first one, because the first one never changes, and I’ve intuitively understood many of the mechanisms that regulate it. I don’t work for passion, but for passion, I turned my passion into my career.
Dr. Prof. Elio Minetti
Dr. Prof. Elio MinettiImplantology and Bone Regeneration
I transferred dedication and passion from sports to my profession, developing an alternative idea to improve regenerative techniques. I’ve been dealing with implantology and regenerative for 30 years, and I’m happy to do it!
Dr. Giuseppe Carrieri
Dr. Giuseppe CarrieriEndodontics
If you can dream about it, you can do it! On this statement I built all my challenges, all my intuitions in the field of endodontics, trying to convey everything that an endodontic clinic gives me every day! I never stop, I always move forward!

Dr. Luca Boschini
Dr. Luca BoschiniReplants and Self-transplants
It takes commitment and dedication when you work and if you add love, then your job turns into a passion. Dentistry is not my job, it’s my passion! It has been for more than 20 years and, although it’s been a long time, passion grows every day!
Dr. Michele Melillo
Dr. Michele MelilloSurgery
Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by constructions and projects. Today, this work allows me to design and make smiles. Always thirsty for knowledge, I am always willing to share what I have learned.

Dr. Elisabetta Pastorini
Dr. Elisabetta PastoriniConservative and Aesthetic
My innate passion for aesthetics guided my professional growth. I specialized in geometric mathematical aesthetic rehabilitation, which allows me to accurately harmonize smiles. I always pay particular attention to the psychological aspect of patients.
Dr. Paolo Savadori
Dr. Paolo SavadoriHistology
As long as I remember, I wanted to know how things work, what lies behind what seems to be a simple phenomenon, in short, I always wanted to pull the string of the “why”. Later on I got interested in photography: a way to tell from an image. So what could I become? Histologist! That way I would be able to tell in an image, why and how science works.
Dr. Francesco Campione
Dr. Francesco CampioneMinimally Invasive Surgery and Cad-Cam
Believed in digital innovation in dentistry since 1987. I specializedin Germany with a master’s degree in CAD-CAM, and since 2000 I have devoted myself entirely to immediate load implantology. Great passion still helps me find minimally invasive solutions

Dr. Giuseppe Rocca
Dr. Giuseppe RoccaDental Hygiene and Macro Photography
Born in the «dark room», I was always fascinated by photography and its ability to stop time. As a teenager, I got a Yashica Dental Eye as a gift from my father, and since then my view of things has changed: the macro world becomes my world. Innovation, research, technique, inspiration and art combine non-conventional shoots images to ensure that not an image, but a «good» image is worth thousands of words.
Dr. Paula Villa
Dr. Paula VillaEndodontic Surgery
Passion is something that should motivate everyone to live every day, and it is undoubtedly the an emotion that has guided my entire career and awakens every time I contribute to the well-being of patients who trust me. It’s been that way for over 20 years, and I hope it lasts a lot longer.

Dr. Rosa Bianco
Dr. Rosa BiancoPedodontics
“Be hungry, be foolish” (è il famoso motto di Steve Jobs, non si traduce con “crazy”), this is how much I love my job! Exploring, studying Always growing up to take care of my patients at best is my joy. In particular, I think that in children (and in the child that is in each of us) lies the a beauty of mankind, that is why I decided to take care of it.

Dott. Pietro Manzini
Dott. Pietro ManziniOrthodontics
By nature I love challenges, in general and in particular in the field of my profession. I often win them, sometimes I lose them. This is the essence of research, which every day makes me discover things that are apparently new but actually already exist, which constantly changes the course of my profession. My motto is: seek and you will find
Dr. Alessandro Mario Greco
Dr. Alessandro Mario Greco360° Orthodontics
Less is More! What is essential, simple and minimal, represents for me the ideal solution in both life and profession. Simplification of procedures is the basis of my orthodontic approach.
Dott. Antonino Cacioppo
Dott. Antonino CacioppoDailyDigitalDentistry
Every day, even the worst one, is a great gift and it would be a pity not to do our best to fully enjoy it. Enthusiasm, love, passion, sharing, that is how I live my personal and professional life. This is what DailyDigitalDentistry is to me.
Claudio Fassari Lawyer
Claudio Fassari LawyerLegal Sector
The love for the noble Medical profession fostered in me by my father, who was also a doctor, gave me an indirect «attraction», Boosting my interest, in over 25 years of profession, in the diverse aspects connecting law and medicine. Welcomed with great joy the opportunity to join the HeartGuideDentistry Team to share my legal expertise with the group.
ODT Roberto Capobianco
ODT Roberto CapobiancoDental technician and 360° photography
Dental Technician with a passion for photography. I work between maximum opacity and maximum transparency, this combination determines a new perception of reality. I love artificial light and I study the relationship and the differences with natural light to get to the maximum of creative development.

“A human being has, with his visions, the power to create the reality surrounding him. When multiple human beings come togheter to create the same vision, their creator’s power is added to their single power”