Our Mission

Since 1991, as a very young dentist, I have learned that all the concepts I had acquired in my university years had only partially corresponded to what I have clinically found in my patients’ mouths. Having combined my scientific knowledge, which I have updated over the years, with all the «suggestions» I was given, I started to modify some methods widely used in surgery The first changes were followed by others, and then others, until some methods completely differed from the official manuals, becoming personal methods with a very high success rate and, to date, with many years of follow up.

Given the steady progress over time, in 2017 I decided it was time to introduce my techniques to colleagues in an unusual and unknown way to me: a personal profile on Facebook. Soon, the videos of my surgeries spread around the world, and my posts in some famous groups in the dental field numbered thousands of likes.

Given the number of views of my work, I decided to open a Facebook group to share all my work and post some live videos with all the details.

HeartGuideDentistry was born on May 22, 2018.

The group was quickly enriched with the participation of very talented members very talented participants who were in line with my principles, and some of their colleagues operating in various areas of expertise of dentistry were appointed as moderators of the group, so they so they could provide answers regarding the dental world to other professionals in the field. I shared all my intuitions on our profession in the group. Moderators and thousands of members from all over the world totally agreed with them, it became our Mission.


Intuition is the ultimate ability of our minds, and it is desirable that every Healthcare Operator supports it with a deep knowledge of all current scientifically approved recommendations to solve problems that we work at every day.

Thus, there are often unthinkable solutions if one adheres too rigidly to the dogma that science dictates for each historical period.
The very name of the HeartGuideDentistry group may actually mean a group of dental practitioners led by the heart or any related emotional capacity, such as love or compassion

The very name of the HeartGuideDentistry group may actually mean a group of dental practitioners led by the heart or any related emotional capacity, such as love or compassion.

Thus, HeartGuideDentistry is a de facto dentistry based on INTUITION. To learn more about this concept, we invite you to watch this short video.

To avoid any misunderstanding, we wish to emphasize that this site DOES not invite any healthcare professional in the dental field and does not experiment with bizarre treatments and results of personal reasoning on its patients.


It is now well established that the classical way of spreading medical knowledge is very slow and complex and It is equally true that social media are a very effective means of viewing and speeding up the exchange of audio-visual information. This is without prejudice to the classical way of disclosing information that has been used so far, but simply next to it.

We are sure that the methodology, which has not been published in influential scientific journals, is of important clinical importance and has high educational value as well as the methodology obtained from «ordinary» scientific sources. We hope that the scientific sector, by observing some well-documented clinical successes reported on social media, can be inspired by important experiments that will then scientifically demonstrate the cause of these successes.


A healthcare professional can manage only if he is adequately supported by advanced materials and equipment that enable him to restore the his patients’ oral health.

What has happened over the decades is that the commercial sector, driven by the sole purpose of selling its products, has been able to influence many opinion leaders and magazines in this sector, including the academic sector. These opinion leaders, also out of economic interest, advertised any equipment or a material that would make them a profit without carefully checking the real quality of the product, making it the best in the category from time to time.

Instead, we firmly believe that the dominant dynamic theory of John Nash (1994 Nobel Prize in Economics) which states, “The best result is achieved when each member of the group does what is best for himself and at the same time for the group” is fully valid at this stage.

We therefore believe it is right that trained and conscientious physicians CHOOSE the aids that best meet our needs, from a wide panorama of equipment/materials (without being pushed by the commercial sector) and that, after a long period of testing, to put together the material in order to make the best of other colleagues to speak of the merits of such leaders by being fairly rewarded for their work.
In this way, the commercial sector will receive income from the sale of the products shown. The opinion leader, who assumes the responsibility of suggesting effective security measures, will earn money for research and dissemination work.

Finally, the colleagues who buy the “offered” product, will earn on guaranteed purchase of tested and valid devices, as well as they will be able to take advantage of discounts reserved for the group, which are gradually requested and accepted by the companies-sellers.

Based on this, the site has sections dedicated to our business partners, where you will find information only about materials and equipment produced by companies that have adopted our philosophy.

Biology does not change, we are the only ones who change when we understand how it works.