Author: Dott. Libertucci Mauro

The right equipment

Passion and dedication to our work must be supported by the right tools to achieve exceptional results. In this case, the use of optical microscopy, the use of rotating and finishing instruments (KOMET) and the use of the Diode Laser (“Wiser” DOCTOR SMILE) allow us to solve the problem with the least possible sacrifice of healthy dental tissues.
In this case I treated an interproximal caries avoiding opening occlusal access routes which would have involved a considerable reduction of healthy enamel and dentin but limiting myself to removing only the decayed tissue and proceeding with its reconstruction. I used the LABOMED “PRIMA” operating microscope both to work at its best and for shooting, I used the DOCTOR SMILE “WISER” Diode Laser and a series of KOMET instruments that are highlighted in the explanatory video of the case. I must say that the final result is very satisfying for the patient… and for me too!

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