Group Micerium

Since 1977, Micerium designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices for modern dentistry, offering innovative and excellent products that contribute to raising the professional level of practitioners in the field. The company is mainly dedicated to three lines – Aesthetics, Orthodontics and Implantology – putting quality first in all product lines.

In the aesthetics branch, Micerium is the producer of the Enamel plus line, developed in collaboration with Dr. Lorenzo Vanini. Years of study and research have allowed Dr. Vanini to develo Enamel plus HRi, the first composite in the world, and still the only one, with the same refractive index of natural enamel.

Today the Enamel plus system is completed by Bio Function, a composite with mechanical and functional characteristics similar to gold and natural enamel, biocompatible, able to synthesize three concepts in one product: Aesthetics, Function and Posture.

The Enamel plus HRi line and all the accessory products (Ena Post posts, Ena Bond adhesives, Ena Cem cements, Ena Shiny finishing and polishing line) thanks to their excellent features are today chosen by the best dentists in more than 60 countries all over the world.