3rd International HeartGuideDentistry Summit

May 31st and June 1st 2024 the HeartGuideDentistry Group adds an important stone on the road to changing the status quo of Dentistry, meeting once again in Rome for the 3rd International Summit.

This time as well, like in the second summit, we have welcomed not only speakers from abroad, but also attendees which have arrived from Holland, Albania and Iran.

We have now exceeded 11.300 members in our Group and now, after a 3rd live Summit with 200 attendees , no one will be able to ignore our presence at a National level.
Now, the next question to ask is the following: If we are a non-ignorable reality, where are the various scientific associations? Why don’t they show up and cooperate?

In the human body and in all Biology, only one law exists and governs: COOPERATION. Competition is simply not contemplated. No system or organ will ever compete with another system or organ inside the same body.
In medicine when this happens it is considered a PATHOLOGY.

Let’s make a comparison between Dentistry made up of a group of Doctors who practice in a traditional approach to which we add those who practice in an “out of box” approach; and an organ of the human body with 2 groups inside of differently specialized cells.

As in a biological system, shouldn’t both groups of Doctors cooperate for the health of the organ itself (Dentistry) and of the entire organism (Medicine)?

Why should these 2 parts remain separate or worse compete against each other? If this were the case, this separation and competition should also be considered a pathology.

For the future I SEE a world in which the various groups within Dentistry and Medicine cooperate with each other because the first task of a Doctor is precisely that; to paraphrase Hippocrates, DO NOT HARM HEALTH and I’d like to add, DO NOT HARM MEDICINE.

Save the Date. The 4th HGD Summit will be in 2026 and I am quite sure that we will no longer be alone..