Doctor Smile

Doctor Smile was born in 2003 from the twenty-year experience of LAMBDA S.p.A. in the production of laser technologies. Our mission is to “provide useful equipment close to practicioner’s daily needs” through an analysis of dental practice evolution. This vision, combined with constant scientific research into medical materials and protocols, has allowed us to respond effectively to the changes in the sector with high-performance technologies capable of offering a minimally invasive dental approach.

Wiser 3: Simply the fastest. Let yourself be fascinated by the fastest surgical cut ever!
Unique in the world with three wavelengths mixed for maximum control in the daily practice of the modern dentist.
From surgery to periodontology, from therapy to biostimulation, Wiser3 supports you thanks to its simplicity to achieve better clinical results and greater satisfaction for your patients.

Pluser: erbium laser to treat soft and hard tissues with a single instrument, Pluser is the king of the operating room thanks to its completeness. From restorative to bone surgery, Pluser also works perfectly on soft tissue. Intuitive and precise, with clinical protocols that can be viewed on the large touch screen, it brings the clinic to the new dimension of minimally invasive laser dentistry.