Author: Dr. Libertucci Mauro

Tooth Transformer

The Tooth Transformer is an equipment capable of converting an extracted tooth into a decontaminated and partially demineralized particulate that can be used as grafting material. This kind of graft is almost totally reabsorbed by the osteoclasts. Gradually, it releases human dentin’s morphogenetic proteins in the surgical site. For this reason, it has been scientifically demonstrated that dental particulate produced by the Tooth transformer, unlike all xenon and allografts, have osteoinductive as well as osteoconductive properties.

In this case, a graft obtained from the patient’s two removed teeth for parodontal reasons was used. This allowed the regeneration of the resorbed bone crest and made it easier to insert two implants. These implants’ role was to support a removable partial denture. This solution prevented excessive loads on residual teeth already weakened by a previous loss of bone support.

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