New Vision of Dentistry “Clinical Innovation and Insight Summit”

il 1° Summit della HeartGuideDentistry

We created this page to share the emotions, the passion and the atmosphere we breathed during those two days with all the participants. For me, as the organizer, those two days will remain graven forever in my mind and heart and I have to thank each of the participants for this.
As a self-made group who took the responsability of bringing the «new» both in the clinic and in the didactic management of our profession, we are growing a lot and we are about to celebrate 10,000 members. Reaching such a goal from scratch and without the support of any dental association or university shows that it is possible to change things and that we are succeeding.

Stay connected and in the meantime enjoy some shots of those 2 wonderful days.

Mauro Libertucci
HeartGuideDentistry Founder