HeartGuideDentistry, is the contraction of Heart Guided Dentistry, and was initially born as a Facebook group created by Dr. Mauro Libertucci. The group is conceived as a platform where all dentists can discuss with each other publishing and/or commenting on solved clinical cases that show actual treatments. These can be based on personal knowledge and they are appreciated both when therapies meets current literary reccomendations but also, and above all, when they do it less or not at all.

At a time when only what is scientifically proven can be offered as therapy to patients, there is a real risk that the same protocols, often rigid, will not allow specialists to improve procedures using intuition managed by their hearts.

Dott. Mauro Libertucci

Mauro Libertucci is a general practitioner who works in the fields of oral surgery, implantology, dental prosthetics, restorative dentistry, endodontics and gnathology. In particular, for 18 years he has been practicing 2 techniques of his own conception called SOOR and DOOR (Single and Double Overturning of Ridge). These are alveolar ridge augmentation techniques aimed to increase buccal bone thickness; they do not involve GBR, Split Crest, or any grafting material.

Mauro Libertucci was born in Tivoli (Rome) on 10/08/1965. In 1984, he graduated as a dental technician, acquiring considerable experience in fixed prosthesis both on implant and on natural teeth. In 1990, he graduated with honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics and in 1991 he opened his own office, devoting himself to all aspects of dentistry, except orthodontics.

He currently lives and works as health director and dentist in Tivoli (Rome) at the SmiLife clinic and holds teaching position in numerous post-graduate courses in the dental field. In the last few years, Mauro has been involved in spreading HeartGuideDentistry concepts in national and international courses and seminars.

Clinical cases

Best clinical cases shared on FB HeartGuideDentistry group are re-posted on FB page and on website, thus being easily accessible by everyone.







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